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We’re Genevieve Backus IBCLC and Laura Swan IBCLC, and our mission at The Latch Lab is to provide evidence-based lactation support for all kinds of families. We have achieved the highest level of education and training in lactation and breastfeeding, and are committed to the pursuit of continuing education and to understanding the latest research.


We provide prenatal education and postnatal services that respect the unique breast/chestfeeding goals within each family.

In-home lactation support

We’ll come to the hospital or to your home for the initial consultation where we’ll work towards your breast/chestfeeding goals and troubleshoot any issues you’re facing. Fee includes 2 weeks of follow up care by phone, text, or email.

Group breast/chestfeeding basics

Join our “Latch Lab” group class and get expert help as well as connect with other families. If it turns out you need an in-person visit, we’ll credit the fee towards a consult.

Group prenatal breast/chestfeeding class

Prepare for feeding by learning how to position and latch your baby, how to know your baby is getting enough milk, and what to expect in the early weeks.

office visits
coming soon

If you’re outside our service area or would like a reduced rate, we’ll be opening our office soon!


We’d love to hear your story


What is an IBCLC?

IBCLC stands for International Board Certified Lactation Consultant. In order to earn this credential, you must have a comprehensive education in lactation as well as perform a large number of supervised clinical hours before passing a rigorous exam. The IBCLC is recognized as the gold standard of care for supervision and management of breastfeeding issues, including:

  • Low milk supply

  • Tongue and lip tie

  • Engorgement and plugged ducts

  • Latch and positioning difficulties

  • Nipple and breast pain

  • Supplementation

  • Feeding after reduction

  • Induced lactation

  • Chestfeeding

  • …and more!

I was fortunate enough to find Genevieve when I was a new mom, being bombarded with messages that conflicted with my instincts about how to go forward with my newborn. Genevieve instantly just “got it”. She was able to offer me research based resources that affirmed my instincts and addressed my concerns at the same time. What I most loved about her was that she was warm, compassionate, supportive and totally non-judgemental. I have been a participant in a group setting with Genevieve and Laura, and I have received one on one support from Genevieve. I cannot recommend them highly enough!
Since I had a lot of trouble with my first experience of breastfeeding, I knew I wanted to be proactive in ensuring that my nursing relationship with my second child was off to a good start. Laura came to my home during that first week postpartum. She led me through some gentle, hands-out and supportive techniques and suggestions to make sure my newborn was latching correctly and was getting the milk she needed. That Laura could come to my home and be so empathetic and non-judgemental to me in my vulnerable state is definitely a big part of my successful time nursing my second - we went strong for over 3 1/2 years, and some of that time was while I was working full time!


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